Dannon Yogurt’s DanActive drinkable yogurt used four traffic speeds to generate four different messages on digital billboards – appearing roadside 24 times in Toronto and Montreal.

Seattle-based Inrix, handles signals from c.275 million cars and phones, whose owners allow anonymous tracking of their GPS signals. Among other things, the data can be used to help retailers place new stores near major traffic areas.

Billboard images in this campaign change every eight seconds and advertisers can increase text messaging for slower traffic speeds.

Inrix is working to set up measurability standards to show estimates of people driving by, how many ended up in a nearby retailer’s parking lot (as indicated by GPS signals).

Not creatively great (but you get the picture) following are the messages for the four speeds:

1. Gridlock = less than 20 percent of the speed limit:


2. Very Slow = 20-34 percent of speed limit:


3. Slow = 35-64 percent of speed limit:


4. Free Flow = greater than 65 percent of speed limit: