Content marketing is increasingly turning the tables on marketers – placing emphasis more on value for the consumer instead of just pumping the brand’s message.

The more native and individualised a brand’s message is the more content will succeed.

As Deloitte Digital CMO Alicia Hatch said in an interview with Marketing Dive  “we’ll be seeing more and more brands acting like publishers or networks, curating omni-channel content and creating experiences that are meaningful and memorable for the customers they value most.”

‘User-generated-content’ campaigns can help build brand loyalty while providing valuable insights into the kind of messaging that resonates with them. By utilising user-generated-content brands can build on customer narratives to create more compelling messaging, while customers increasingly become brand advocates.

Alongside user-generated-content many see digital video and social media as the major movers in content marketing.

Social media allows you to amplify good content that has been generated within your business and that can enable a two-way conversation with your customer.

Content generally is booming, with content marketing strategists being hired into departments dedicated to this task.