Colette Kinsella

National Eyecare Sales and Marketing Manager

I have worked with colliercomms on different occasions for more than 10 years in my capacity as a National Sales and Marketing Director with various multinational eyecare companies.

Over that time I have witnessed colliercomm’s marketing expertise and professionalism at work – from very large and involved campaigns to smaller tactical projects.

Whether it’s designing and implementing an Instagram campaign, organising a multi-tiered national trade campaign or any one of dozens of other different marketing activities colliercomms is brilliant creatively and outstanding when it comes to implementation. They are especially good at combining high level creativity with a very sharp understanding of selling.

If you’re looking for a really creative, super-responsive agency put colliercomms right at the top of your list.

Ross Markham

Director, EnglishCool

colliercomms is a wonderful little agency that helped us in every aspect of our marketing – website design and construction, SEO, print, banners, brochures and other printed material. These guys really know their stuff and are across so many of the marketing channels that are available to business today. I would recommend them without a second thought

Zoe Pavy

Senior Product Manager – Genzyme a Sanofi Company

I have worked with Phillip and The Collier Agency on a number of projects from creating and developing new sales materials, to medical writing, to sourcing diagnostic resources and developing kits. No job is too big or too small. The team is flexible and accomodating and the quailty of their work is spot on.

Jane Beamish

Marketing Manager – Analytica

I have engaged Phillip and his team on a number of occasions. His broad knowledge of the medical/healthcare environment allows him to create well thought out, interesting and engaging creative strategies. He employs a truly collaborative approach, working closely with his clients to fully understand objectives and deliver timely, impactful campaigns across a wide range of projects and therapeutic areas. From product launches to entire creative campaigns to single one off pieces, Phillip works with the same passion and energy to ensure a successful outcome.

David Gahan

Senior Product Manager – Genzyme a Sanofi Company

I’m very happy to recommend Phillip. He and his team form an innovative and responsive marketing and communications company. My experience working with them has been very positive. Their sophisticated knowledge base and skills in developing unique marketing campaigns and materials – both digital and traditional, are a valuable resource. Their work is always high quality, their cost structures competitive and their understanding of the healthcare industry is comprehensive.

Steve Alexander

Category Marketing Manager – ANZ – Therapeutics at Novartis Animal Health

It gives me great pleasure to be asked to provide Phillip with a business recommendation. Phillip and The Collier Agency more broadly have consistently provided outstanding strategic innovation and creative execution in the complex and challenging pharmaceutical environment. In an area of intense commercial competition the value Phillip brings to the table sets him apart from others in his field as he delivers brands significant advantages in exposure, penetration, cut-through and most importantly, ROI. I consider Phillip to be a vital member of the extended marketing function and as such a key asset within any organisation looking to elevate their brands above the noise and clutter of the competition.

Felix Heinzelmann

General Manager – de Bono China, Beijing Office

This is my honest, sincere recommendation for Phillip as, if you want to use this word, “keynote speaker”. Many people are looking for an “inspiring” speaker. This man is just that, not because he knows so much about the topics he presents on, but because he is not playing any role up there on stage. He is genuine. Here are the reasons for my recommendation: Phillip stands out: I have listened to, what appears to me, too many so called “key note speakers”. Some brag, some only want to sell, some give a talk that obviously is delivering a message that they are not living. Most are ok, but average. The bad ones are badly prepared and/or empty. Maybe out of all the people I have listened to – and that is quite a few – Phillip easily stands out as one of the top presenters, thought provokers. Here are the reasons: If you want an honest talk,consider him. Honesty and humbleness are some of the most powerful and inspiring ingredients of a good talk. Phillip is living them on the speaker’s position. He is the same guy up there as before and after. That’s rare. Other descriptions and adjectives that came to my mind when hearing him talk: Not all he says is sunny. There is hard, hard work behind the things he will share with you. Hard work sometimes is not fun only. A lot of doubts, challenges to oneself and the work one does. If a speaker gives you insight into these as well: The result is genuinely believable, trustworthy, food for real thought. Profound. Walk the talk. Doesn’t talk with out a lot of thinking behind. Presents you sentences, ideas, concepts that wouldn’t be possible without dozens of years of a rich, success- and thoughtful career backing those up and giving them credibility and depth. Last not least: Phillip’s talks are not loud (often this type of speeches are, as it appears, also fairly empty). Soft spoken, fair, intelligent. He gives him and you time to think as he carefully chooses his words. He presents with dignity. I guess I have learned more from him just being himself, no disemmination of “hey, look at me, I am great”, than from the very topic he has been talking about when I had the luck and honor to hear him speak. This is the type of experienced and successful person I can (and do) respect. For the above stated reasons to me: Phillip simply is a good speaker.